When Disaster Strikes Collection - 4 Books (Collection)

9 years +

This collection focuses on natural phenomenons including fires, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

These accessible books explain the science behind these disasters and the destruction they tend to leave behind. Using modern-day case studies, they focus on geological and geographical causes, the changing patterns and also explain the environmental effects of them.

They also look at the human interest side of things and reveal the latest technology being used to provide warnings of impending disasters.

Titles in this collection (4)
  • Extreme Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • Extreme Fire and Flood
  • Extreme Hurricanes and Tornadoes
  • Extreme Volcanoes

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  • Product code: WHDS
  • ISBN: 9781912108831
  • Publisher: The Manning Partnership
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 27.0cm x 21.0cm
  • Pages: Varies

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When Disaster Strikes Collection -

These books explained the phenomenons in a way that I could understand and would be good for referring to for school projects. They keep your attention and you don't get "bored" reading them like other books on the same subjects.

Syl , 07/12/2018

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