Diane Chamberlain Collection - 3 Books (Collection)

Diane Chamberlain


Three stand-alone novels from Diane Chamberlain, a talented author whose work interweaves various important themes. They will appeal to readers who enjoy the likes of Jodi Picoult, Dorothy Koomson and Adele Parks.

Pretending to Dance focuses on Molly Arnette, a woman who is very good at keeping secrets. She's trying to adopt a baby with her husband but is very worried that her past may come back to haunt her and ruin both her chances of adoption and marriage. While growing up in North Carolina, Molly ran away from home following a horrific event that left her unable to trust anyone...

Fire and Rain takes place in Valle Rosa, a small town in Southern California that is under destruction from deadly wildfires. When a handsome stranger calling himself Jeff Cabrio strolls into town claiming he'll be able to make it rain, he turns more than a few heads. Struggling journalist Carmen Perez thinks he might be the catalyst to revitalising her career, former Major League baseball pitcher Chris Garrett has the chance to come to terms with his career's demise and sculptress Mia Tanner unearths old wounds and new loves. All three of their lives soon become entwined and they all have to face up to the ghosts of their past.

Secret Lives follows the disillusioned actress Eden Riley as she returns to her mother's childhood home in rural Virginia. She is full of questions about her mother, who died when she was very young and on her quest for answers, she forms a bond with Ben Alexander, an archaeologist and friend of her uncle. However, Ben has a number of demons and carries a secret that might threaten the new couple's happiness.

Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (3)
  • Fire and Rain
  • Pretending to Dance
  • Secret Lies

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Fire and rain -

This is the only book out of the three that I have read so far, as I have a lot of books it takes me time to read all of them. As I volunteer at the church who has a library of second hand book that people bring in for others to read, I always see if they have any that I haven't read, then take my books back for them to put with there's. As I am an avid reader I have always had a book in my hands more so since I was left a widow and have got more time to spare.

Patricia , 27/10/2018

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Book People -

I find this book club to be very good, delivery is excellent and they carry an extensive range of books. Cannot fault them at all.

Trevor , 27/07/2018

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