Jamie Cooks Italy (Hardback)

Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver celebrates his favourite Italian food - and shows you how to cook bellissimo dishes in the comfort of your own home - in his latest bestselling cookbook.

With chapters on antipasti, salad, soup, meat, pasta, fish, rice and dumplings, bread and pastry and desserts, Jamie provides step-by-step recipes for the likes of classic carbonara, baked risotto pie and limoncello tiramisu.

The recipes can be quick or slow to make and Jamie offers his unique twists on some of the traditional favourites.

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  • Product code: JMCI
  • ISBN: 9780718187736
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 25.0cm x 19.8cm
  • Pages: 408

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Wow! What a book! -

Filled to the brim with charm and sauce, a fantastic book for the whole family. The main character Jamie provides a personality that we can all relate to, and inspires us to cook with passion.

Jamie travels across Italy in search of the best dish in the land. However, as he can't speak Italian, his encounters with the locals prove difficult. He must learn how to communicate using his culinary prowess.

Whilst the plot is dynamic and a breath of fresh air, the narrative is disjointed. Each time Jamie appears to be reaching some kind of edible epiphany we are left wondering the outcome, reluctantly moving on to the next chapter (called recipes in this book).

My favourite part was when Jamie arrived at a small town, and was greeted by some rather hostile looking Italians. I won't spoil the rest but let's just say by the end of the recipe the whole town is chatting and laughing, fallen victim to Jamie's charm and wit.

Unfortunately I never got to finish the book as I spilt bolognese all over my copy whilst attempting to recreate a plate of food. I will be ordering another copy as soon as my wonga loan is approved.

Overall I would definitely recommend this epic novel to those who want to adventure into a world of pasta, as long as you can accept the story is not as rounded as a pizza.

Frank , 10/09/2018

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