The Electrical Venus (Paperback)

Julie Mayhew


Can this shocking new feeling be love, or is it electrickery? In a lowly side-show fair in eighteenth-century England, teenager Mim is struggling to find her worth as an act. Not white, but not black enough to be truly exotic, her pet parrot who speaks four languages is a bigger draw than her. But Alex, the one-armed boxer boy, sees her differently. And she, too, feels newly interested in him. But then Dr Fox arrives with his scientific kit for producing 'electrickery' - feats of electrical magic these bawdy audiences have never seen before. To complete his act, Fox chooses Mim to play the 'Electrical Venus'. Her popularity - and the electric-shocking kisses she can provide for a penny - mean takings are up, slop is off the menu and this spark between her and Fox must surely be love. But is this starring role her true worth, or is love worth more than a penny for an electrifying kiss? An intoxicating and atmospheric coming of age story set in the filth and thrill of a travelling show during the height of the Georgian Enlightenment.

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  • Product code: BQDXR
  • ISBN: 9781471407048
  • Publisher: Hot Key Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 20.0cm x 13.0cm
  • Pages: 288
  • Publish date: Thu Apr 19 00:00:00 BST 2018
  • Book points: 6

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A marvellous tale -

This was a wonderfully quirky drama and love story, embellished with advertising "broadsides" describing the various turns performed by the characters, as well as illustrations for each chapter heading.

The picture drawn of the travelling life in Georgian England was vivid and earthy and the character and development of the heroine was believable and readily engaged my sympathies. The language used felt suitable for the period and soon settled down to something very readable after a slightly challenging opening chapter.

The structure of the story clearly owes a lot to its origins as a radio drama, and the number of monologues in the middle section (albeit relieved by the parrot's timely interjections) did make it drag a little. However, this was followed by some glorious action and a finale well worth waiting for.

busylizzie , Fri Jun 29 19:02:29 BST 2018

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