Jar of Hearts (Paperback)

Jennifer Hillier


'Jar of Hearts will have readers gasping in shock. Suspenseful, gritty and utterly unforgettable.' Riley Sager, author of Final Girls Five years ago, Geo's first love was revealed as a terrifying serial killer. But he escaped custody and went on the run. Now, bodies have started turning up, killed in exactly the same way as before. The message is clear: he's making his way to her, one murder at a time...

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  • Product code: BQMAE
  • ISBN: 9781786495143
  • Publisher: Atlantic Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 23.4cm x 15.3cm
  • Pages: 320
  • Publish date: 25/07/2018

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Very good -

Jar of Hearts was different to my usual read in a good way; though there was something about the cover that drew me in and I had to get this book. I was glad I did. Jar of Hearts is very well written with plenty to keep the reader hooked, following Geo at different parts of her life leading to now from her part in the murder of her best friend to the shocking twist at the finale. This book was not lighthearted, easy reading, but it was compelling with believable characters, and a well thought out plot, leaving little to the imagination. Before Jar of hearts I had not heard of this author but I will most probably read more of her work and would recommend this book to a friend. Very good read.

Readerready , 26/07/2018

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