Colour Me Slimmer (Paperback)

Veronique Henderson


From the image consultants at Colour Me Beautiful, Colour Me Slimmer sets out to teach you how to analyse your body style and colouring. The paperback shows you how to make the most of your best features by wearing the right colours for the most flattering effect. An essential and invaluable guide that offers hundreds of photographs, examples, case studies and a tool kit for every occasion.

Product Details

  • Product code: SLIM
  • ISBN: 9780600619932
  • Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 23.6cm x 19.0cm
  • Pages: 128
  • Book points: 0

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"Very good indeed" -

Absolutely loved this book! Packed with great tips regarding colours for size, build, height and using real people as models so it was very easy to find a person similar to yourself as a guide. Also gave guides as to why certain clothing is wrong. Very good indeed and an easy read. Friendlier than the Trinny & Susannah guides.

Tracy Karen Parker , Sun Feb 27 15:25:51 GMT 2011

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