Songbirds Phonics Collection - 36 Books (Collection)

Julia Donaldson -
(42) 4 years +

Written by Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, the 36 books in this Songbirds Phonics Collection are specially designed to help ease young children through the process of learning to read.

From the Oxford Reading Tree, this collection combines playful rhythm-and-rhyme tales with vibrant and interesting illustrations sure to engage little ones. Great for encouraging gradual progress and for preparing children for studies in junior school or supplementing their early learning, these bite-sized tales will promote an early positive reading experience.

Titles in this collection

  • Sam's Pot
  • Top Cat
  • Bob Bug
  • Dig, Dig, Dig
  • Zak and the Vet
  • Mum Bug's Bag
  • Fish and Chips
  • This and That
  • Miss! Miss!
  • The Odd Pet
  • Doctor Duck
  • Singing Dad
  • The Big Match
  • The Shopping List
  • Gran is Cross
  • The Trunk and the Skunk
  • The Scrap Rocket
  • Splash and Squelch
  • Tadpoles
  • The Snake and the Drake
  • Moan, Moan, Moan!
  • The Wrong Kind of Knight
  • Spike Says
  • Queen Anneena's Feast
  • Sue Kangaroo
  • The Cinderella Play
  • Usman's Books
  • The Upside-down Browns
  • Leroy
  • No Milk Today
  • Tara's Party
  • Paula the Vet
  • Where Were You Bert?
  • Clare and the Fair
  • The Deer and the Earwig
  • Jack and the Giants

Book Details

  • Product code: SONB
  • ISBN: 9780198411093
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 21.9cm x 19.2cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 16

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Fabulous -

Incredible value for money. My 4- & 5-year-olds are ploughing through these books. Not too long so that children lose interest.

Courtney, 06/01/2015

A must have! -

These are amazing books. We had a long love of Biff and Chip but this was a real breakthrough from letters to phonics to reading. My son, just 4 at the time, and managing letters and some words like cat, dog etc enjoyed knowing the colour levels so after a couple of months green are easy peasy mummy but orange was hard.

I have leant these out and bought a set for my niece and have recommended time and time again. Loved seeing the progression throughout and it set him up for going into reception as an early reader. I was not brought up with phonics so it is great to see how cleverly this is done in short stories. Repetitive but in a really good way. He had a love of books but I credit this set more than any other for reading confidence.

And to top it all a complete bargain!!!

Brookmyre, 19/12/2014

Songbird Phonics Collection -

Great books, some are exactly same with the book from my son's school. Good quality print as well. Great for phonics learners. Great set to keep.

Chao, 16/12/2014

Excellent -

These are fantastic books. The first ones are thinner and less in them, but that is down to the fact that young children just starting to read dont need or want any more!

The books get harder and more pages as you go through them.

They are not books to hand out as party bags fillers, these are far better than that!

And definitely a change from Kipper!!!

Sally, 27/11/2014

Great learning set -

Great set for my 5-year-old, since she has started to read, these books have given her confidence. She can read them really well as they are phonics, also they are more entertaining than the school books she brings home. She especially loves the Upside Down Browns.

Great value set, I am going to buy another set for my 4-year-old niece too. Thanks.

Amy, 16/10/2014

Brilliant -

Brilliant collection, my daughters ages 3, 6 & 7 years love them & kept them quiet for hours.

Hollie, 05/10/2014

Better than Chip, Biff and Floppy -

I have used these with both my five-year-old when she had just started reception and my four-year-old who is about to go into reception. The girls loved these and helped them to move from blending letters to blending phonics.

At this price they are a real steal. But please note these are a series of logical progression books with revision and not suitable as 36 books to be broken up and given out in going-home bags for a birthday party as the previous reviewer wanted to do.

I have also used the Read, Write Inc system which was very good and the Usborne First Readers which really complements these Songbirds. I think that this phonic approach is more sensible than the ORT Look and See Biff, Chip and Floppy books which my five-year-old used extensively in reception, but perhaps it is a case of a bit of everything is best.

Gary, 25/08/2014

Brilliant for young ones to read -

I bought this set for my 4-year-old. We read some of these books every night. He absolutely loves copying me reading, pointing to every word, laughs at some stories. Mum Bug and Top Cat are his favourites so far. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone looking to buy good phonics books for their young ones.

Sebnem, 21/08/2014

Songbirds phonics - very flimsy -

These are hardly books, more pamphlets. I bought a pack of 36 Songbird books for party bag gifts but they are very poor quality and so I will return them.

Amy, 17/07/2014

Concreting a love of reading from 4 -

My daughter started to show an interest in sounding out and blending letters, practising what she was learning at nursery school so I bought these books to help her.

She's blown me away by reading many of the first stages books for herself. They've helped her build her confidence in herself and she's very proud. She loves the independence of being able to sit herself down and read a story to herself!

Fantastic value collection of stories that will last her through the next year or so of learning to read. Rachel, 01/07/2014

These have given my 3-year-old an interest in letters and words already!!! -

Only bought these a week ago, arrived quickly, they are smaller than Julia Donaldson's usual book size and quite thin pages. But they are really good. Lovely pictures, and all levels included.

My 3-year-old sat one night with me and I read him a bunch of these, he has picked up and can point out 2 or 3 words already! That amazed me! Can only imagine how well he will come on with these in the year before school!

Lovely rhymes and repetition help kids remember words and they are very cleverly written with certain letter combinations in each book.

The only book I don't like from the pack, and chose to miss out is called Moan, Moan or Thereabouts! It is a girl explaining that all her mum does is moan, and ends with her wishing her mum was a goldfish? Very odd for young kids but there you go!

Would definitely recommend though. Grab while you can as judging by previous comments, it goes out of stock quite often!

Zoe, 21/06/2014

Antidote to Biff Chip & Kipper! -

If you find the Biff, Chip & Kipper ORT books tedious and uninspiring, then this may the antidote for you. Attractive illustrations. Good-sized font. Good, amusing & accessible stories with plenty to talk about, even in the earlier levels. The collection covers book bands 1 - 6.

If your school uses Songbirds already, then I wouldn't duplicate their use. If they don't use this range and your child wants more books to read than those sent home but youre struggling to find satisfying books at an appropriate level, then these are a great supplement.

Reasonable binding. If you've got two children who will use these books, then they are definitely excellent value.

D, 12/05/2014

Stock -

I found the link to this page on Google. First page on the Google results... Can it not be removed if they are not coming back in stock? I was going to order them and I'm gutted! Please get them back in stock! :)

TBP says: Unfortunately a functionality of Google is that it stores old pages which we are unable to remove from the search results pages. I’m afraid we will not be getting this collection back in stock. However we do sell a variety of extremely popular Biff, Chip and Kipper phonics collections that have received excellent reviews which may be of interest to you.

Beth, 26/03/2013

Fantastic -

What a great find here. Arrived this morning and I'm really impressed, great price!

Ally, 07/11/2012

Great value -

Great service Book People, unbelievable price for quality product.

Juthamas, 02/11/2012

Good value for money!! -

The books are of higher quality than I expected due to the price. My two boys love them.. thank you Book People!!!

sal, 22/10/2012

"Songbird Books!!" -

My eldest had these books and she could read a lot of them by the time she started school but unfortunately I passed them on. I really wanted to get them for my youngest who is due to start school in September and am sad to find them not available. Is there anything to a similar scope as these??

TBP says: Hi Martine, we would recommend the collections under product codes RWRD, TRAD and RWFC as good alternatives here. Thanks!

Martine, 12/06/2012

"Songbird Phonics" -

I'm a big fan of the Book People. I've waited a long time...Could u please bring back this Songbirds collection? If possible, bring back all books of stage1+, more 1+,2, 2+,3,3+,4,4+,5 and 6 of songbirds. Thanks.

TBP says: Hi Tua, unfortunately there are no plans for this collection to come back into stock.

Tua, 22/05/2012

"Need to order some more" -

I have been checking back for a while now. When will these next be back in stock?

TBP says: Hi Dayo, unfortunately there are no plans for this collection to come back into stock.

Dayo, 16/04/2012

"We would like this back" -

I would like to order this. I check the stock every day. Please bring it back...

TBP says: Hi Shami, unfortunately there are no plans for this collection to come back into stock.

Shami, 09/03/2012

"Please restock" -

My daughter is starting school this September and I was recommended these great books to help her start reading!!! x Jan x

Jan, 06/03/2012

"Please Re-Stock..." -

Another one waiting for payday before buying and we are just so gutted to have missed out. We home school our daughter and this would have been perfect for her.Come on TBP re-stock and make a lot of customers happy!

Robert, 01/03/2012

":(" -

I'm gutted, was just about to order this set. Please bring it back :(

Cat, 01/03/2012

"We would like this back pls!!!" -

Gutted I have missed out on this box set. Please can you restock it!! Set is definitely in demand!!

Marie, 01/03/2012

"Just missed it" -

Was waiting for payday to purchase and I missed out altogether!

Lisa, 01/03/2012

"Need this set to be back in stock!" -

Please can anyone say if and when this set will be back in stock, would like to purchase for school!

TBP says: Hi Dawn, there are no plans for this collection to come back in the immediate future, please try your local distributor.

Dawn, 29/02/2012

When will this great set be back? -

Excellent set, but does anybody know when its coming back in stock?

Nurul, 29/02/2012

"Lovely set of books" -

Very pleased with this set, the books start nice and easy and build the child's confidence and encourage them to want to read more and more.

Tracey, 17/02/2012

"Lovely inviting set" -

Just received my pack today and already my 4 year old is reading the first set!! She is so proud of herself and is encouraged to keep reading, would highly recommend this set. Her reading skills are growing and she is recognising and reading the words she has read in these books in other text ie my newspaper lol. Her confidence and self-esteem is rocketing. Julia Donaldson is very clever with this set. My 4 yr old wants to learn to read so she can read The Gruffalo by herself lol. Julia fan me

Fiona, 17/02/2012

"Great reading" -

I bought these for my son after using them in the classroom when I was volunteering with a reception class. He is learning using a different system but these are great as an addition to the books he brings home from school. Excellent value for money. These are designed for children who are learning to read and are NOT meant to be used as story books for 3 year olds which is probably why a previous reviewer was disappointed in the quality of the story. The sound blending and word formation are what's important. I think they are great, my son is doing very well with his reading halfway through his reception year which is partly thanks to these books which he really enjoys.

Bianca, 11/02/2012

"Confidence booster" -

Bought these for my son who had had a few in his reception bookbag. He was doing really well with his reading but lacking in confidence. Since buying these, he wants to read two of them every night in addition to his school book and his confidence has grown. Would highly recommend.

Nikki, 08/02/2012

"Great" -

Entertaining and good progression.

Sarah, 28/01/2012

"Great collection." -

I bought this for my daughter who is in her reception year at school. The stories are a lot better than some of her reading books and the five stages are very good. I would highly recommend them. The Level One stage books are alot less repetitive than other books of that stage which helps my daughter to read the words and not just repeat the same few lines over and over.

Hayley, 08/01/2012

"Excellent Value for Money" -

I bought these for my son who is 4, and they have really helped develop his reading skills.

Mrs Hafiz, 14/12/2011

"These are ok" -

The stories are ok but they are not the best. I would say that this would be third on my list for early readers. Read & write inc phonics are the best, Biff, Chip and Kipper books are a close second and these would be if you can't wait for the others to be in stock or if you have the others and want a little more variety. They would also make nice gifts as cheaper for the amount you get than the others and most the stories are nice. Just not as amazing as I was expecting from the reviews.

Zoe, 09/12/2011

"The best start!" -

I bought these for my 4 yr old son, who gets frustrated that his sister is able to read and he is not. I have had them less than a week and he can now read the first 6 books with ease, and is very proud of himself! A great start for young readers and a brilliant confidence builder.

Natalie, 01/05/2011

"Utterly disappointing" -

I bought these for my daughter (3) who loves stories. I figured with Oxford Reading Tree and Julia Donaldson you couldn't go wrong, having loved her books and the Floppy series.But there is absolutely no comparison between these books and the Floppy series. While they might be aimed at young readers, the content of the stories is dreadful. Take the book, 'Moan Moan Moan' which tells the story of a young girl whose mum moans at her all day long and the ending of the story is, 'I wish my goldfish was my mum'??? What?! What kind of lessons does that teach a young child? or 'Tara's party' where a girl called Martha comes to the party and gets teased and ends up saying everyone was nasty to her.I just don't know how these can be compared to the Floppy series by the other reviewers. There is no continuity, a variety of illustration styles, some not very good and the content of the stories is incredibly variable. So disappointed, will be returning them.

CJ, 30/04/2011

"Super value!" -

I bought these for my 5 year old. They use these books at school. Excellent value. They are easy to read and my son is growing in confidence and loves the accomplishment of reading independently.

Sharon, 15/04/2011

"Fantastic" -

I bought this series over the Kipper ones as I wanted something a bit different from what they use at school and I'm glad that I did. These books are great interesting stories accompanied with lovely pictures and my son loves reading them. What more can you ask for.

MIchelle, 13/04/2011

"Great buy" -

I bought these to support the 'Read at Home' collection that I bought from here last month. They were the same price and, although these books are good, if I had to choose between them, I would pick the others. I was slightly disappointed when these arrived, as there seems to be less content than what I was expecting, but the books are well written and my nearly 4yr old likes them. She did however prefer the others too, as they had the same 'floppy' characters in each book and she wanted to see what they did next, which I thought was a great series connector and motivated her thirst for more. These ones have no connection but the stories have great variety. I like the fact they have a plastic case and are easy to transport.

Lou, 08/04/2011

"Must have for early readers" -

We have used several phonics sets. I found this is the best one. Unlike many phonics books, these books have a good storyline, beautifull pictures, variety contents, so definitely it's not boring. These books are actually written by Julia Donaldson, that's why.

Booklover, 04/04/2011

"BEST beginner reader set there is" -

I homeschool 3 of my kids and have a variety of beginner reader sets. This is by far the best. All my kids loved the stories. Each book gradually gets harder, increasing the child's confidence and thereby motivating them to want to read more. At stage 1 there are no complicated words (like there are in other sets) that the child can only know through memorization - only simple cvc words that reinforce blending skills. Towards the last three stages each book covers a sound ie the different ways 'oa' may appear or the different ways the child may come accross the 'oo' sound. As it's all in the one book, it can be used as a reference point for learning spelling too. At such a low price I wouldn't hesitate to buy this set if you are teaching your kids to read and want the easiest route.

Mumof4, 31/03/2011