Animal Stories Collection - 10 Books (Collection)


Containing ten picture books that are suitable for children aged 2 and over, the Animal Stories Bedtime Collection introduces a wide range of friendly animal characters and stories that are just perfect for shared night time reading. From Fergus the patch-eyed pup and roaring Little Rex to best friends Nanook and Suka, this is a gorgeous selection of books from talented authors and illustrators such as Tony Maddox, Lynne Garner, Abi Burlingham, Ruth Symes, Sean Julian and Sarah Warburton. Each book in the collection is the perfect length for reading out loud and little ones will love having the chance to choose which animal friend will help set them off for a good night's sleep. The books come stored in a neat ziplock bag.

Titles in this collection (10)
  • Best Friends or Not? - Paeony Lewis & Gaby Hansen
  • Don't Kick Up a Fuss, Gus! - Adria Meserve
  • The Best Jumper - Lynne Garner & Sarah Gill
  • Little Rex - Ruth Symes & Sean Julian
  • Fergus's Scary Night - Tony Maddox
  • Little Rex and the Big Roar - Ruth Symes & Sean Julian
  • Fergus Goes Quackers! - Tony Maddox
  • Well Done, Little Croc! - Tony Maddox
  • Conker and Nudge - Adria Meserve
  • Grub in Love - Abi Burlingham & Sarah Warburton

Product Details

  • Product code: PTPB
  • ISBN: 9781848122987
  • Publisher: Piccadilly Press
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 28.0cm x 22.0cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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"Great quality and nice to read" -

These picture books come in their own nice hard shell/case, each book is great size for little hands. We haven't managed to read all the stories yet (with my 2 year old) but as I browsed through they look really nice and interesting, would make a great gift.

Ela , Fri May 11 08:53:47 BST 2012

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