The Hairy Dieters - How to Love Food and Lose Weight (Paperback)

The Hairy Dieters - How to Love Food and Lose Weight - Paperback - 9780297869054 - Dave Myers & Si King

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The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers and Si King, return with The Hairy Dieters - a cookbook to accompany their hit BBC show. In this wonderful book, they've compiled a number of healthy, delicious recipes that are low in calories but big on flavour! With ideas for family meals, hearty lunches and dinners and even bakes and snack options, there's bound to be something for you. From cumin-crusted vegetables to beachside paella and rich and meaty bolognese, this book proves that healthy cooking does not mean you have to compromise on taste.

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Amazing -

I cooked and ate food from this book for breakfast, lunch and supper every day for a week and lost 5lbs. Portion sizes are by no means stingy and everything I tried was delicious! I have since bought their second book and have just added the third to my basket!

V, 28/10/2014

Brilliant -

My husband and I started using this book on virtually a daily basis, in late February this year. So far he has lost 21 lbs. and I have lost a stone. The meals are superb, very tasty and filling good portions! Thank you Hairy Bikers!!!

Chris, 04/06/2014

Easiest diet ever!!! -

My husband and I started this diet Aug 12, so far we have lost 6 1/2 stone between us. The meals are so tasty & you don't feel you are on a diet - just about to purchase their second book!

Cathy08, 19/08/2013

This Works!! -

My husband and I have been following these recipes since January. To date we have both lost 2 stone and only have 1 stone each to go before reaching our target weight. These recipes are filling and extremely tasty, the kids like them. It doesn't feel like you are on a diet. Once you've built up your store cupboard ingredients it also reduces your shopping bill. I'm now planning our week's food and have cut costs. Highly recommended

Happy Dieter, 19/04/2013

Brilliant -

Most impressive cookbook I have!!! Bought my own copy after watching some of the television series and subsequently bought more copies for family and friends after extolling the virtues of these recipes. Have now cooked many of the recipes which are easy to make, taste wonderful and are not loaded with fat, cream and all the other things which many chefs add to their recipes to enhance the flavour, so are therefore less fattening and healthier to eat. Would be great if they brought out a sequel.

Janice, 12/03/2013

The best cookbook -

I'm on the Weight Watchers plan and this cookbook is just the best. The meals are low in points, fat and calories but they are full of flavour. I have tried so many Weight Watchers recipes but I find them bland and boring. This book is full of amazing recipes, they are easy to follow and easy to fit in with a busy life. Thank you Hairy Bikers!!!

Natalie, 29/01/2013

Great book!!! -

I love this cookbook. After watching the program on the TV, and now I trying the recipes it's great that you can lose weight and enjoy you food too. The Moist Carrot and Sultana Cake is so moist, if these boys can lose weight, so can I.

Liz, 28/01/2013

Fabulous! -

Easy to follow, accessible ingredients and most importantly delicious! Our new food bible!

Debbie, 23/01/2013

Brilliant! My favourite cookbook for years -

So many diet cookbooks are full of odd recipes that make you really feel like you're on a diet. THB's new book is full of real food that you'd actually want to eat, which doesn't pile on the pounds but without a flavour deficit. The Paprika Chicken is pure joy and the Korma, Jalfrezi and Sweet and Sour Pork are both better than my local takeaway. Everything is super-tasty and delicious, plus as I'm doing Weight Watchers all the recipes I've tried so far are between 8 and 12 points for a main meal. LOVE IT - more please!

Marianne, 21/01/2013

Flab to FAB! -

A great book, especially for men. Not only has it encouraged my husband to think about what he's eating, it has also inspired him to get back into the kitchen! Well presented and easy to follow - I would totally recommend this book for all the family.

NJM, 08/01/2013

Excellent -

After watching the TV series, I had to buy the book as well. I haven't looked back, it's a brilliant cookbook and also a diet aid. To date, I have lost nearly a stone and a half :-)

Kathryn, 26/11/2012

Diet book for the boys -

Great recipes which appeal to the reluctant male dieter, also a great diet book if you are on restricted diets such as wheat or dairy free as the recipes are easily adapted.

Helen, 05/11/2012

Briiliant -

This cookbook is the first Hairy Bikers book that I have bought and since it arrived 2 weeks ago I have used it every day trying out different recipes and all have been so easy, using ingredients that I would usually buy, with outstanding and truly flavoursome results. My husband is so impressed with every meal! I have been recommending it to so many friends...

Henny, 01/11/2012

Brilliant -

Absolutely great book, recipes are gorgeous and we have lost a lot of weight on the diet with no effort.

Jackie, 29/10/2012

Absolutely brilliant -

I have already tried and tested several of these recipes and they are absolutely brilliant, with loads of taste and easy to do. All the family enjoyed them.

Anita, 27/10/2012

Excellent book! -

I have tried a few recipes so far and each has been lovely, and even my husband couldn't believe my parsley sauce didn't come out of a packet! I keep to the portion sizes specified and this really makes you think about what you eat. Overall an excellent book which I turn to again and again.

Lorraine, 23/10/2012

Another great book from the bikers! -

This is a great book for the current price! Although I didn't read properly before buying and thought I was getting a hardback not paperback, nevertheless, still a great buy at that price! Fantastic recipes, excellent photographs with every recipe... They really get your mouth watering! I especially enjoy their little tips, makes the book personable.

E, 19/10/2012

For people who like their food! -

Great recipes that really work for people who want to lose weight without having to cook different food to the rest of the family. My kids and husband have been eating the same food with additional potatoes, pasta etc, and no one has felt like they are dieting.

Bridget, 16/10/2012

Fab! -

I love this book! So simple and no fancy ingredients that are impossible to get hold of outside of London! Everything I've made out of it so far has been a resounding success with the whole family and the lamb, spinach and potato curry is indescribably good... My husband said it was possibly the best curry he's ever had...And this guy never comments on anything! One observation and one piece of advice though... These recipes are not particularly low in points, for those of us on WeightWatchers, but low enough to get away with for a treat without having to feel guilty... And make sure you get a really strongly flavoured cheese for the cheese, leek and onion pasties... The half-fat cheese stocked by my local supermarket said it was mature, but was barely detectable in the mix. Dave and Si, this one's a definite winner, well done!

Wendy, 13/10/2012

"Hairy Dieters" -

What a brilliant book, a cookbook that you can actually use and all the family are loving it. I am working my way through this and it's great, one of the best cookbook buys I've bought. I'm not the best cook and I need to follow a recipe, would like it if they said about freezing all the recipes as I'm a busy mum. I will be buying this book as a present for a friend. I love this book and planning meals and losing weight has been made much easier now.

Liane, 02/10/2012

"Another good book!" -

This is a really good book and helped me to lose 25lbs along with cutting down a portion size.

lisianthus, 02/10/2012

"Fan-flipping-tastic!!" -

Quite simply this book has helped me change the way I think about food, IT IS BRILLIANT, I have tried in excess of 15 recipes and am yet to register a dud. My only advice is buy this book.

Paul, 01/10/2012

"The Hairy Dieters" -

I didn't see the series on TV but bought the book as I thought it would encourage my husband to lose a few pounds, especially as it was written & tested by a couple of blokes. So far I've cooked two batches of minestrone soup, the Spanish style chicken bake and the jambalaya, all of which were easy to make and packed full of flavor. Can't wait to try the other recipes. Well done Dave & Si, you wouldn't know this was a diet book.

Tracey, 26/09/2012


This book is fabulous. Only had the book a week and made 4 things already. Easy ingredients, easy methods but FANTASTIC results.

TraceyL, 25/09/2012

"Fab Book" -

I have tried 5 recipes so far and they have all been easy to make and very tasty. You certainly won't feel like your eating "diet" food. The recipes are family friendly and inspiring, thoroughly recommend!

Lisa, 23/09/2012

"Low cal food heaven!" -

I bought this book because I love Dave and Si's recipes and they haven't let me down. So far I've tried the chilli con carne (yum) and the masala-marinated chicken with minted yogurt sauce (heaven on a plate!!!). If you like cooking but want to lose weight or just don't want to pile on the pounds (like me) this book is an absolute must. Can't wait for it to come back in stock so I can buy more copies for Christmas presents.

Annie, 20/09/2012

"Great book" -

I bought this book off the back of the TV show and being a huge fan of the Hairy Bikers found it brilliant, have ordered more for family, friends and colleagues and waiting for new stock to order more. Would make a fab xmas gift for any foodie.

Amanda, 19/09/2012


It works! In 2 weeks I have lost 10 pounds weight using their philosophy and I have enjoyed every mouthful. Dave is the best thing to come out of Barrow since Emlyn Hughes.

Bob, 12/09/2012

"The Hairy Dieters" -

Watched the programme and had to get the book. Brillant - allows people to eat normally but with lower calories. My Husband has made the beef and onion pies and hasn't stopped talking about them since. Have recommended it to so many people. Well done Si and Dave for such a simple and easy to follow book.

Lynne, 11/09/2012

"The Hairy Dieters" -

Book arrived today, really fast delivery. Would recommend The Hairy Dieters to everyone. If you haven't got it. . . buy it soon. You wont regret it!! Thank you for an excellent service. I will be back again soon.

Suzanne, 10/09/2012

"I love this book" -

What a great book, excellent service from the Book People. Fast delivery, cheap price, bought one for my daughter too. Thumbs up from me.

Jean, 09/09/2012

"Fab!" -

Just got this today. So many fantastic recipes that it's hard to choose. Finally a book where I look and have difficulty choosing which recipe to try first rather than think that just 2/3 look interesting. These recipes look like they will be enjoyed by the whole family and not just something to be endured. I can certainly serve these dishes up to hubbie!

Susanna, 06/09/2012

"Fast Delivery" -

Great cook book by the Hairy Dieters!

Julie, 31/08/2012

"Fantastic!" -

All I can say is try the Chicken Jalfrezi, it is lovely!

Annabelle, 30/08/2012

"I want this book" -

Will this still be same price when you get stock?

TBP says: Hi Michelle, yes, this will be the same price when it comes back into stock in early September.

Michelle, 28/08/2012

"Great normal diet food" -

A book that allows you to eat all the everyday fare without too many calories and not make you feel you are on a boring diet. Well done Hairy Bikers.

Sally, 27/08/2012

"Great" -

Love this book, and well done to Si and Dave. Great receipes!!! Recommended 100%

Theresa, 21/08/2012

"Great" -

I borrowed my friend's book but desperate to get my own. I know you've said more stock early September, but any way of putting a pre-order in?

TBP says: Hi, unfortunately we do not offer a pre-order function at the present time.

evanmow, 20/08/2012

"The Biker Boys come good again" -

Another top book from those two great bikers. The recipes are firm family favorites, good wholesome food but without the calories. Thanks lads. And thanks also to the Book People for such a good price.

Diane, 19/08/2012

"Delicious but healthy" -

Very enjoyable read, easily explained menus, great pictures you could eat the page. Very helpful showing the calories for each portion, only purchased two days ago, and already made a couple of the meals, so no excuses, now to lose a few unwanted pounds plus a great price, keep it up lads.

Del, 18/08/2012

"Great!!" -

This is a great low fat/calorie-counted recipe book. The recipes are easy to follow and taste great. I would recommend everyone tries the Spanish Chicken!!!

Kirsty, 17/08/2012

"When?" -

When will this book be back in stock? Want to buy it as a birthday present and much better price here than Amazon.

TBP says: Hi Jo, this title will be available again in early September.

Jo, 16/08/2012

"Great book!" -

I bought this after watching the first episode of the T.V Series, it has loads of lovely recipes. As someone who is trying to lose weight I have found that although the recipes are lower in calories and fat they do not lose anything on taste and the recipes I have made so far have been really tasty. My children even enjoyed them. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys great tasting food but who wants to reduce the amount of fat/calories they are consuming.

Fiona, 15/08/2012